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Giandel 1200W Power Inverter

Giandel 1200W Power Inverter

The 1200W Power Inverter by Giandel is a highly rated and reliable product that provides efficient power conversion from DC to AC. With its numerous features and durable design, it offers a versatile solution for various power needs. In this review, we will delve into the product details and share personal experiences to help you make an informed decision.

I have been using the Giandel 1200W Power Inverter for several months now, and it has proven to be a well-designed and reliable device. One feature that stands out is its true sin output, which ensures the safety of my electronic equipment. I have successfully used it to power a 600W vacuum cleaner and a wet vac at 820W without any issues or damage to the devices.

During hurricane season, this power inverter has been my savior. Last year, I was left without power for eight days, and with the Giandel inverter, I was able to keep essential appliances running smoothly. I tested it with various devices I planned to use during emergencies, and it performed flawlessly. The built-in USB port also came in handy for connecting a fan to keep the inverter cool during prolonged use.

High-Quality Inverter with Impressive Power Output

The 1200W Power Inverter from Giandel is a top-notch inverter that has gained popularity in the USA, Australia, UK, and other countries. With its 100% full continuous output power and 2400W peak power, this inverter provides more power than your average 1000W inverter. It features two AC outlets and a 2.4A USB port, allowing you to power multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you’re camping, traveling in an RV, or facing an emergency situation, this inverter is a reliable companion.

Solar Charge Controller for Efficient Charging

One of the standout features of this power inverter is its built-in 20A solar charge controller. This PWM controller allows you to connect a 300W solar panel directly to charge your SLA or GEL battery. The selectable switch ensures compatibility, and the battery voltage indicator keeps you informed about the charging status. This feature is a great addition for those who want to harness solar energy and maximize the efficiency of their power system.

Versatile and Convenient Design

The 1200W Power Inverter is designed to cater to various needs. Its dual AC outlets and USB charging port make it ideal for camping, boating, RV trips, and emergency situations. You can power your TV, game player, laptop, lights, and even power tools with ease. The inverter’s isolated input/output design provides safety protections against overvoltage, low voltage, overload, short circuit, and overheating. Additionally, it features a polarity reverse protection and soft start technology for a smooth and safe operation.

Durable and Reliable Construction

The inverter’s durable aluminum alloy housing ensures advanced protection against drops and bumps, making it suitable for rugged environments. It also features an integrated cooling fan that reduces heat and prevents shortages, ensuring the longevity of the inverter. With an 18-month warranty provided by Giandel, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Positive Customer Reviews

Customers have praised the 1200W Power Inverter for its exceptional performance and reliability. Many users have highlighted its ability to handle high-power devices without any issues. The inverter’s true sine wave output ensures that your equipment remains safe from damage. Users have also appreciated the convenience of the built-in solar charge controller and the versatility of the AC outlets and USB port. Overall, customers have found this inverter to be a valuable addition to their power systems.


The 1200W Power Inverter from Giandel offers impressive power output, a built-in solar charge controller, versatile design, and durable construction. With positive customer reviews backing its performance and reliability, this inverter proves to be a reliable choice for various applications. Whether you’re camping, on the road, or facing power outages, this inverter ensures that you can power your essential devices with ease.


  • This 1200W power inverter provides 100% full continuous output power and 2400W peak power, giving you more power than a 1000W inverter.
  • It comes with a 20A solar charge controller, allowing you to connect a 300W solar panel directly to charge your SLA or GEL battery. It also has a selectable switch and battery voltage indicator to monitor the charging status.
  • With dual AC outlets and a 2.4A USB charging port, this inverter is perfect for camping, cars, boats, RVs, emergencies, and powering various devices like TVs, game players, laptops, lights, and power tools.


  • The remote controller’s cord may not be long enough for some users, requiring an extension cord to be used.
  • The inverter emits a slight buzzing sound from the AC outlets, which can be fixed by jiggling the plug. This may be a minor inconvenience for some users.
  • The charging mode of the inverter does not have a “float” mode, leading to full charge/discharge cycles. This can be problematic if the battery runs low and needs to start charging just as the sun goes down.


In conclusion, the Giandel 1200W Power Inverter is a reliable and efficient device that meets and exceeds expectations. Its durable design, true sin output, and additional features such as the solar charge controller make it a versatile choice for RVs, trucks, and solar systems. With its impressive performance and positive customer reviews, I would highly recommend this power inverter for anyone in need of a reliable power source on the go or during emergencies.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Does the inverter come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, the inverter comes with an 18-month warranty provided by GIANDEL.

Question: Can I use this inverter to power my refrigerator during a hurricane?

Answer: While this inverter is suitable for powering various devices, it is recommended to use a “smart” UPS to handle the electrical current coming from the inverter for appliances like refrigerators.

Question: Is the inverter easy to use and understand?

Answer: Yes, the inverter is designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand.


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