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Kenmore Top-Load Washer

Kenmore Top-Load Washer Disappointing Performance

I recently purchased the Kenmore Top-Load Washer and wanted to share my thoughts on its performance and features.

The Kenmore Top-Load Washer Disappointing Performance was my experience. From the start, the washer did not live up to its advertised capacity, often resulting in unbalanced loads and inaccurate timer readings. The quality of the product was also lacking, as I received a damaged unit with a dent on one side. Additionally, the washer’s design and functionality made it difficult to fully clean clothes, leading to frustration and wasted time.

Capacity and Efficiency

Although the Kenmore Top-Load Washer Disappointing Performance offers a generous 3.5 cu. ft. capacity, allowing you to clean large loads of laundry in one go. With the deep fill option, you can customize the water level for bigger loads, ensuring thorough cleaning. The dual action agitator works in two directions to efficiently clean ground-in dirt and tough stains, providing a deep, thorough clean for all your laundry items.

Customized Cleaning Options

This top-load washer features 11 wash cycles, including settings for bulky/bedding, jeans/towels, and delicates. With 5 wash temperatures to choose from, you can easily customize each load for the right type of cleaning. Whether you need a gentle wash for delicates or a powerful clean for heavily soiled items, this washer has you covered.

Pairing with a Dryer

Measuring 27.5″ W x 27″ D x 43″ H, the Kenmore Top-Load Washer is designed to pair perfectly with the Kenmore 60222 Electric Dryer or Kenmore 70222 Gas Dryer (sold separately), creating a complete laundry set. The compact design makes it ideal for smaller laundry spaces, while still offering ample capacity and efficient cleaning performance.

Customer Reviews: Mixed Feedback

Despite some positive reviews praising the delivery process and efficient cleaning, there are also several negative reviews highlighting issues with quality and performance. Some users reported problems with inaccurate timers, damaged items upon delivery, and frustration with the washer’s functionality. It’s important to consider both positive and negative feedback when evaluating the overall performance of this product.

Performance Concerns

Users have expressed concerns about the washer’s performance, with complaints about the capacity not matching the stated specifications, long wash times, and difficulties in achieving a proper water level. Issues such as off-balance loads and incomplete cycles have also been reported, indicating potential performance challenges with this model.

Reliability and Longevity

Several reviews raise questions about the washer’s reliability and longevity, with reports of malfunctions such as a locking lid that causes frustration and additional costs for repairs. The repeated need for replacement parts and concerns about the overall durability of the washer suggest potential reliability issues that users should be aware of before making a purchase decision.

User Experience and Recommendations

The varied user experiences with the Kenmore Top-Load Washer highlight the importance of considering individual preferences and needs when choosing a laundry appliance. While some users may appreciate the customization options and capacity of this washer, others have encountered challenges with performance and reliability. It’s advisable to thoroughly research and test the product before making a final decision to ensure it meets your specific requirements and expectations.


In conclusion, I would not recommend the Kenmore Top-Load Washer based on my personal experience. The issues with capacity, quality, and functionality outweigh any potential benefits of this product. It is important to thoroughly research and consider all aspects before investing in a new washer to avoid the disappointment and frustration that I encountered with this particular model.

Questions & Answers:

Question: What is the capacity of this washer?

Answer: The Kenmore Top-Load Washer has a spacious 3.5 cu. ft. capacity, suitable for handling large loads like 14 towels in one go.

Question: Are there different wash cycles available on this washer?

Answer: Yes, this washer offers 11 wash cycles covering a range of options from bulky/bedding to delicates, providing customized cleaning for various laundry types.

Question: Have customers faced any common issues with this washer?

Answer: Yes, some customers have reported problems with inaccurate timers, damaged units upon delivery, and frustrations with adjusting the water level and the locking lid mechanism.


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