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Purewell Filtered Bottle

Purewell Filtered Bottle: Reliable Solution for Clean Drinking Water

The Purewell Filtered Bottle is a versatile and reliable solution for providing clean and safe drinking water. With its 4-stage integrated filter straw and leak-proof design, this BPA-free water bottle ensures a reliable source of pure drinking water anywhere, anytime. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the Purewell Filtered Bottle and provide my overall conclusion.

I recently purchased the Purewell Filtered Bottle for my camping trip, and it exceeded my expectations. The size of the bottle was perfect, allowing me to conveniently carry it in my backpack without taking up too much space. The two-stage filtration system effectively removed impurities from both tap water and outdoor water sources.

One feature that I particularly appreciated was the leak-proof lid with a foldable mouthpiece. It not only prevented any accidental spills or drips but also maintained cleanliness throughout my journey. The bottle’s long lifespan and replaceable filter were additional advantages.

The initial taste of the filtered water did have a slight alteration, but it dissipated after a day or so of use. Sucking up the water required a bit more effort, but it was a minor inconvenience considering the overall performance and reliability of the bottle.

Reliable Source of Pure Drinking Water

The Purewell Filtered Bottle is equipped with a 4-stage advanced high-performance filter that includes a medical-grade hollow fiber UF membrane, coconut shell activated carbon, beads, and medical-grade PP cotton. This combination of filters ensures a filtration accuracy of 0.01 microns. Made from durable food-grade plastics, the bottle is BPA-free and safe for human consumption. Whether you’re camping, hiking, backpacking, or traveling, this water bottle guarantees that you can always have access to clean and safe drinking water, even in harsh outdoor conditions.

Versatility for Outdoor Adventures

The Purewell Filtered Bottle is not just for outdoor adventures, but it excels in those situations. With its built-in compass on the top, this versatile water bottle helps you find direction and provides healthy, drinkable water in harsh outdoor conditions. It is perfect for traveling, backpacking, camping, and emergency kits. In emergency situations, where access to clean water may be limited, this water bottle becomes an essential tool. With its reliable filtration system and durable construction, you can trust the Purewell Filtered Bottle to keep you hydrated and safe during your outdoor adventures.

Convenient and Leak-Proof Design

The Purewell Filtered Bottle features a leak-proof lid with a foldable mouthpiece, bringing convenience and cleanliness to your drinking experience. The lid ensures that there are no drips or leaks, allowing you to carry the bottle in your backpack without worrying about any spills. The foldable mouthpiece adds an extra layer of hygiene by keeping it protected when not in use. This thoughtful design makes it easy to drink from the bottle without any mess or hassle, ensuring that you can enjoy your clean and filtered water on the go.

Long Lifespan and Cost-Effective

With a lifespan of up to 396 gallons or 1500 liters (depending on water quality), the Purewell Filtered Bottle is a cost-effective solution for your hydration needs. The integrated replaceable filter allows you to replace only the filter when needed, saving you money in the long run. The durable construction of the water bottle itself ensures that it has a very long life, providing you with nearly 8 months of continuous use. By investing in the Purewell Filtered Bottle, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable and cost-effective solution for clean drinking water.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Using the Purewell Filtered Bottle is simple and straightforward. When using it for the first time, rinse the carbon filter and suck 4-5 times to prime the filter and get the water up through it. The bottle is designed for easy cleaning, allowing you to maintain its performance and longevity. If you have any questions or concerns about the product, the Purewell team is always available to assist you. They are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and providing you with the information you need to make the most out of your Purewell Filtered Bottle.

Customer Reviews


Customers have praised the Purewell Filtered Bottle for its size and filtration capabilities. Many have found it to be the perfect size for their outdoor adventures and have appreciated the two-stage filter that can even filter outdoor sources of water. The leak-proof design has also been highly regarded, ensuring that there are no spills or drips. Some customers have mentioned a slight initial alteration in taste, but this dissipates after a day or so. Overall, the Purewell Filtered Bottle has been positively reviewed for its effectiveness in providing clean and great-tasting water, making it a valuable companion for any traveler or outdoor enthusiast.


  • The Purewell Filtere Bottle is made from food-grade materials, ensuring the safety of the water you drink. The 4-stage advanced filter system, including a medical-grade hollow fiber UF membrane, coconut shell activated carbon, beads, and medical-grade PP cotton, provides reliable filtration with an accuracy of 0.01 microns.
  • This water bottle is versatile and can be used in harsh outdoor conditions. It is great for camping, hiking, backpacking, and travel. It even has a built-in compass on the top, helping you find your way in unfamiliar territories.
  • The leak-proof lid with a foldable mouthpiece adds convenience and ensures cleanliness. You don’t have to worry about any drips or leaks while using this water bottle.


  • Some users have mentioned that initially, the water may have a slightly altered taste. However, this bad taste goes away after a day or so of use.
  • Sucking up the water may require some effort, according to a few reviewers. It might not be as easy as drinking from a regular water bottle.
  • The bottle does not have a “fill-to-here” line, which can make it difficult to know how much water to fill without overflowing when the cap is put on. The filter also displaces water, reducing the effective capacity of the bottle.


In conclusion, the Purewell Filtered Bottle is a life-saving companion for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and emergency preparedness. Its durable construction, advanced filtration system, and leak-proof design make it a reliable choice for providing safe drinking water in any situation. Despite a few minor drawbacks, such as the initial taste alteration and slightly harder suction, the benefits far outweighed these concerns.

I highly recommend the Purewell Filtered Bottle for its exceptional performance, convenience, and value for money. Say goodbye to purchasing plastic water bottles and embrace a sustainable solution with this reliable and efficient water filtration bottle.

Questions & Answers:

Question: What is the filtration accuracy of the Purewell Filtered Bottle?

Answer: The filtration accuracy of the water bottle is 0.01 microns, providing a reliable source of pure drinking water.

Question: Can the water bottle be used in outdoor activities?

Answer: Yes, the water bottle is designed for outdoor use. It is great for camping, hiking, backpacking, and travel. It can withstand harsh conditions.

Question: How long does the filter last?

Answer: The integrated filter has a lifespan of up to 396 gallons or 1500 liters, depending on the water quality. It is also replaceable, saving you money in the long run.


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