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SMETA Propane Freezer

SMETA Propane Freezer: The Ultimate Off-Grid Solution

The SMETA Propane Freezer is a versatile and efficient solution for off-grid living and outdoor adventures. With its propane and electric capabilities, lockable design, and large capacity, this freezer offers convenience and reliability. In this review, we will delve into its features and explore personal experiences of users.

Living off-grid, I needed a reliable freezer to store food, and the SMETA Propane Freezer exceeded my expectations. Its propane functionality allowed me to easily connect it to my hard piped propane line, ensuring uninterrupted operation. The freezer maintained a consistent and extremely cold temperature, preserving the quality of my stored meat from game animals. Its adjustable feet and removable shelves provided flexibility in organizing the contents, while the compact size and side handles made it easy to move around. I was truly impressed by its performance and portability.

Introduction to the SMETA Propane Freezer

The SMETA Propane Freezer is a versatile and efficient appliance designed for off-grid living. With its unique gas/electric 2-way absorption system, this chest freezer offers the convenience of both propane and electric power options. It is specially designed for outdoor RV use, making it an ideal choice for campers and van dwellers. The lockable feature provides added security for your food storage needs. With a large capacity of 7.1 cubic feet, this freezer offers ample space for all your frozen goods. Whether you’re looking for a freezer for your off-grid home or a reliable companion for your camping adventures, the SMETA Propane Freezer is a top contender.

Propane Freezer Features and Specifications

The SMETA Propane Freezer comes packed with features that make it an excellent choice for off-grid living. With dimensions of 39.6″ W x 27.6″ D x 35.8″ H, this freezer offers a spacious interior for easy organization of your frozen items. The adjustable feet and removable shelves allow for flexible storage options to suit your needs. The temperature range of 10 °F to 32 °F ensures that your food stays fresh and frozen. What sets this freezer apart is its absorption system, which operates silently without the need for compressors or fans. This makes it perfect for those seeking a noise-free cooling solution. Additionally, the lightweight design and side handles make it easy to transport and install in your desired location.

Efficient Propane Consumption

One of the key advantages of the SMETA Propane Freezer is its efficient propane consumption. This freezer consumes approximately 1.9 pounds of propane per 24 hours, making it cost-effective for long-term use. The ability to run on propane allows for uninterrupted cooling even in off-grid scenarios. This makes it an ideal choice for those living in remote areas or those who prefer to reduce their reliance on traditional electricity sources. With minor adjustments to ensure efficient burning, the SMETA Propane Freezer provides consistent and reliable cooling performance. Customers have reported that it consumes around 20 pounds of propane per month, making it a sustainable option for off-grid food storage.

Easy Installation and Versatility

The SMETA Propane Freezer is designed with ease of installation and versatility in mind. It can be easily connected to a hard piped propane line, allowing for a hassle-free setup. Whether you have a solar-powered home or rely on a 110V AC power source, this freezer can accommodate both options. The battery-operated ignitor adds convenience, and the adjustable thermostat allows you to switch between freezer and refrigerator modes. This flexibility makes it a great choice for different seasons or varying cooling needs. Customers have reported using it as a refrigerator during summers, taking advantage of solar panels for power. The SMETA Propane Freezer truly adapts to your off-grid living requirements.

User Reviews – Positive Experiences

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the SMETA Propane Freezer. Many appreciate the limited options available for propane freezers and find this product to be a reliable and efficient choice. Users living off-grid have found the freezer to be a valuable addition to their homes, providing the much-needed food storage capacity. The ease of connection to existing propane lines and the consistent cooling performance have been praised. Some users have even mentioned using it to store game meat, highlighting its suitability for off-grid living and outdoor activities.

User Reviews – Versatility and Efficiency


Customers have also praised the SMETA Propane Freezer for its versatility and efficiency. The ability to run on propane or 110V AC power makes it a versatile appliance for different power setups. Users with solar-powered homes have found it to be a great addition, taking advantage of its battery-operated ignitor and low power consumption. The freezer’s performance as a refrigerator has also been commended, with users enjoying the coldest beer and milk ever. The adjustability of the thermostat allows for customized cooling preferences. Customers have recommended using a specific regulator for optimal performance.

User Review – Negative Experience

While the majority of customers have had positive experiences with the SMETA Propane Freezer, there have been isolated negative reviews. One user expressed dissatisfaction, claiming that the unit is a Chinese clone of another brand and may have issues with contaminated refrigerant. They mentioned difficulties in getting the unit serviced or returned. It’s important to note that this negative review is an exception, and the overall customer satisfaction remains high.

Final Thoughts on the SMETA Propane Freezer

The SMETA Propane Freezer offers a reliable and efficient cooling solution for off-grid living and outdoor adventures. With its propane/electric 2-way absorption system, large capacity, and versatile power options, it caters to various off-grid setups. The efficient propane consumption and silent operation make it a sustainable and noise-free choice. Users have praised its ease of installation and flexibility, with some using it as a refrigerator during certain seasons. While there have been isolated negative reviews, the overall customer satisfaction and positive feedback indicate that the SMETA Propane Freezer is a top contender in the market of off-grid chest freezers.


  • Propane Freezer Chest: LP gas/AC 110V 2-Ways Absorption Refrigerator with Lock
  • Lightweight and easy to transport with side handles and a small footprint
  • No noise as it uses an absorption system without compressors or fans


  • Limited options for propane freezers and they can be expensive
  • Some adjustments may be needed to ensure efficient burning of propane
  • Potential issues with warranty and customer support

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In conclusion, the SMETA Propane Freezer is a fantastic investment for off-grid living and outdoor enthusiasts. Its propane and electric capabilities, spacious capacity, and silent absorption system make it a reliable choice. The positive experiences shared by others highlight its efficiency and versatility. However, it is important to note that there have been reports of issues with warranty and customer support. Despite this, the overall functionality and performance of the SMETA Propane Freezer make it a worthwhile addition to any off-grid setup or camping adventure.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the freezer easy to install and connect to a propane line?

Answer: According to one review, it was easy to connect the freezer to a hard piped propane line.

Question: Can the freezer be powered by solar panels?

Answer: Yes, the freezer can be powered by solar panels, making it suitable for off-grid living.

Question: What is the propane consumption of the freezer?

Answer: One review mentioned that it consumes about 20 pounds of propane every month.


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