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SMETA Propane Freezer

SMETA Propane Freezer: The Perfect Cooling Solution for Outdoor Adventures

The SMETA Propane Freezer Refrigerator is a versatile and efficient cooling solution designed for outdoor campers and off-grid living. With its 3-way absorption system and compact size, this freezer offers convenience and portability. In this product review, we will delve into its features, pricing, and customer feedback to help you make an informed decision.

During our 12-day expedition in the forest, the SMETA Propane Freezer Refrigerator proved to be a reliable companion. Running effortlessly on propane 24/7, it kept our food fresh and chilled throughout the trip. The compact size was a plus, although I wish I had opted for a larger model to accommodate more supplies. Overall, I was impressed with its performance and would highly recommend it for outdoor adventures.

3-Way Power Selection

The SMETA Propane Freezer Refrigerator offers a unique feature with its 3-way power selection: 110v/12v/LPG. This versatility allows you to use the freezer in various settings, whether you’re connected to a standard electrical outlet, using a 12-volt power source, or utilizing propane. This flexibility makes it ideal for off-grid living, camping, RV trips, and other outdoor activities. With dimensions of 26.1*20.3*27.0 inches and a net weight of 81.6lbs, this 2.4 cu.ft freezer provides ample storage space for your food and beverages.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

One of the standout features of the SMETA Propane Freezer Refrigerator is its eco-friendly and energy-efficient design. It operates without noise, vibration, or the use of Freon, making it an environmentally conscious choice. With low energy consumption and the option to run on propane, this freezer is perfect for those who prioritize sustainability and want to minimize their carbon footprint. Whether you’re camping, traveling, or living off the grid, this freezer ensures that you can enjoy fresh and chilled food without compromising on environmental responsibility.

Convenient and Portable

The SMETA Propane Freezer Refrigerator is designed with convenience in mind. Its space-saving design and compact size make it suitable for various settings, whether you’re using it in your garage, RV, or off-grid cabin. The auto-hold door hinges allow for hands-free access, making it easy to retrieve items from the freezer. The removable storage basket is perfect for organizing and accessing smaller items quickly. Additionally, the adjustable feet ensure stability on uneven surfaces. With side handles for portability, you can take this freezer with you on outdoor adventures and enjoy the convenience of fresh food wherever you go.

Quick Freeze Capability

With its adjustable thermostat, the SMETA Propane Freezer Refrigerator offers quick freeze capability. The temperature can be controlled from 8 °F to -53 °F, allowing you to chill drinks, freeze meat, and preserve perishable items effectively. The freezer comes with a 12V DC adapter for use in your car, truck, or boat, making it perfect for road trips and outdoor activities. It is also compatible with AC power for indoor use. Whether you’re on the go or at home, this freezer provides efficient cooling and freezing capabilities to meet your needs.

Durable and Reliable

The SMETA Propane Freezer Refrigerator is built to withstand rugged outdoor conditions. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, and the included lock provides added security. The freezer’s 12-month warranty offers peace of mind, and the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that any issues will be addressed promptly. This freezer is designed to provide reliable performance, whether you’re using it in your garage, off-grid cabin, or on your camping trips. You can trust the SMETA Propane Freezer Refrigerator to keep your food fresh and chilled in any setting.


  • 12v Propane Refrigerator/Freezer Chest 2.4 cu.ft with Lock: This product offers multiple power options, including 110v, 12v, and LPG. It gives you the flexibility to use it in various settings and power sources.
  • Small Chest Freezer for Camping: This 12-volt freezer is designed for off-grid living and outdoor activities. It is eco-friendly, noise-free, and has low energy consumption. It is perfect for RV camping, travel, road trips, and more.
  • Portable Cooler Quick Freeze: The adjustable thermostat allows you to control the temperature from 8 °F to -53 °F. It comes with a 12V DC adapter for use in your car, truck, or boat. It’s a versatile freezer that can cool drinks or chill meat, making it ideal for outdoor activities.


  • Potential for Damage during Shipping: Some customers mentioned receiving the product with minor dents or damage. This could be due to the packaging or handling during shipping. It’s important to be prepared for potential damage and contact customer support if necessary.
  • Difficulty in Contacting Customer Support: A few customers mentioned having difficulties in reaching out to the manufacturer, SMETA, regarding product issues. This could cause frustration and inconvenience if you encounter any problems and need assistance.
  • Price: The price of this product is relatively high at $979.00. It might be a significant investment for some customers, especially compared to other options on the market.

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In conclusion, the SMETA Propane Freezer Refrigerator offers a practical and eco-friendly cooling solution for outdoor enthusiasts and those living off the grid. With its multiple power options, compact design, and efficient cooling capabilities, it proves to be a valuable addition to any camping or off-grid setup. Despite a few minor issues reported by some customers, the majority of reviews speak highly of its functionality and performance. If you need a reliable and portable freezer, the SMETA Propane Freezer Refrigerator is worth considering.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How does this freezer run on propane?

Answer: This freezer has a 3-way absorption system that allows it to run on propane. It is designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Question: Can I use this freezer in my RV?

Answer: Yes, this freezer is suitable for use in RVs. It is designed for off-grid living and is a great addition to your RV setup.

Question: Is the temperature easy to control?

Answer: Yes, the adjustable thermostat makes it easy to control the temperature. You can set it to your desired level, ranging from 8 °F to -53 °F.


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