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Solar Hybrid Inverter Charger

ECO-WORTHY Solar Hybrid Inverter Charger

The ECO-WORTHY 5000W Solar Hybrid Inverter Charger is a versatile and efficient product that offers multiple features to meet your power needs. With its parallel support and battery-free running capability, this inverter charger provides a reliable and uninterrupted power supply. Priced at $899.99, it has received a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars from 143 reviews.

I recently purchased the ECO-WORTHY 5000W Solar Hybrid Inverter Charger and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The installation process was straightforward, although I did encounter some difficulty with setting up the wifi module for data logging. However, once I got it working, the information provided was incredibly useful.

I particularly appreciate the segmented charging/discharging feature, which allows me to prioritize mains, battery, or solar power based on my needs. It gives me the flexibility to save mains power and optimize the use of solar energy. Additionally, the LCD provides real-time monitoring of all data, ensuring that I am always aware of the system’s performance.

One minor issue I encountered was the limited space inside the unit, making it a bit challenging to work with. However, the multiple intelligent protections, such as over-voltage and over-heat protection, give me peace of mind knowing that the inverter charger is safe to use.

Parallel Support and Flexibility

One of the key features of the ECO-WORTHY 5000W Solar Hybrid Inverter Charger is its ability to support parallel operation with up to 6 units, allowing for a maximum output of 30kW. This means that users have the flexibility to scale up their solar power system as needed, whether for residential or commercial applications. Additionally, the inverter can operate in a single phase or separate phase parallel, offering versatility in meeting different power requirements. The inverter also provides multiple output voltage options when used in parallel. While the output voltage of a single inverter is 120V, more than two inverters can be connected to output 120V, 208V, or 240V in parallel. This capability allows users to tailor the system to their specific needs and power demands, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Battery-Free Running for Continuous Power

Another standout feature of the ECO-WORTHY 5000W Solar Hybrid Inverter Charger is its ability to work without battery power input. This means that the inverter can keep the load running continuously even in a battery-free state, utilizing PV DC to power the system. This feature is particularly advantageous for users who want to maximize the use of solar energy and reduce reliance on battery storage. By operating without batteries, users can avoid the cost and maintenance associated with battery banks, while still enjoying uninterrupted power supply from the solar panels. This battery-free running capability makes the inverter an efficient and cost-effective choice for those looking to harness the full potential of solar energy.

Segmented Charging/Discharging and Flexible Power Management

The ECO-WORTHY 5000W Solar Hybrid Inverter Charger offers three output modes: mains priority, battery priority, and PV priority. This allows users to prioritize the power sources based on their preferences and energy availability. Whether it’s maximizing solar power utilization or ensuring backup power from the grid or battery, the inverter can be easily configured to meet specific requirements.In addition, the inverter provides four charging modes: Only Solar, Mains Priority, Solar Priority, and Mains & Solar hybrid charging. This flexibility allows users to adapt their power management strategy according to the local mains condition and optimize energy usage. By setting a flexible time for mains charging/discharging, users can effectively save on mains electricity costs while maintaining a reliable power supply.

User-Friendly Interface and Intelligent Protections

The ECO-WORTHY 5000W Solar Hybrid Inverter Charger features an LCD that provides real-time monitoring of all essential data. This user-friendly interface allows users to easily track the performance of the system and make informed decisions regarding power management. Moreover, the inverter is equipped with multiple intelligent protections to ensure safe and efficient operation. These include PV input current/power limiting protection, PV input over-voltage protection, PV night reverse current protection, and built-in cooling fans to prevent overheating. With these safety features in place, users can have peace of mind knowing that their solar power system is well-protected and reliable.

Technical Specifications for Power and Efficiency

The ECO-WORTHY 5000W Solar Hybrid Inverter Charger boasts impressive technical specifications that contribute to its high performance. With a maximum PV input power of 5500W and a wide PV input voltage range of 120-500V DC, the inverter can effectively harness solar energy and convert it into usable AC power.The inverter also features a maximum MPPT charging current of 80A, ensuring efficient charging of battery banks. With a rated output power of 5000W and a maximum peak power of 10000W, the inverter can handle both standard and high-demand electrical loads. Whether it’s powering household appliances or commercial equipment, the inverter delivers reliable and efficient performance.

Real User Experiences and Overall Satisfaction

The ECO-WORTHY 5000W Solar Hybrid Inverter Charger has garnered mixed reviews from users. Some have praised its functionality and performance, highlighting its ability to power their homes or small projects without any issues. Users have appreciated the parallel support and flexibility, as well as the battery-free running feature, which allows for continuous power supply.However, there have been a few negative reviews mentioning issues with fuses and inverter failure.

While these experiences are worth considering, it’s important to note that the overall product rating is still positive, with many users expressing satisfaction with the inverter’s strong performance and the vendor’s excellent support. In conclusion, the ECO-WORTHY 5000W Solar Hybrid Inverter Charger offers parallel support, battery-free running, segmented charging/discharging, a user-friendly interface, intelligent protections, and impressive technical specifications. Despite some reported issues, the majority of users have found the inverter to be a reliable and cost-effective solution for their solar power needs.


  • Parallel Support: This solar hybrid inverter can support up to 6 units and can be single-phase or separate-phase parallel. It offers flexibility in output voltage options.
  • Battery-Free Running: It can work without battery power input, allowing for continuous load running in the battery-free state by using PV DC to power the inverter.
  • Segmented Charging/Discharging: It offers multiple output modes and charging modes, allowing for uninterrupted power supply and flexible charging/discharging according to local mains conditions.


  • Grounding Issue: There is only one ground for the AC input and output, so extra caution is needed when wiring the ground wire together or using a separate ground pole.
  • Limited Space: The unit has limited space inside, which may make it challenging to work with during installation or maintenance.
  • Fuses Burning Out: Some customers reported issues with fuses burning out, which may affect the functionality of the inverter.


Overall, the ECO-WORTHY 5000W Solar Hybrid Inverter Charger is a reliable and efficient product that delivers on its promises. It provides parallel support, battery-free running, and multiple intelligent protections, making it suitable for various power needs. Despite the minor inconvenience with the wifi module and limited space inside the unit, the performance and quality of this inverter charger make it worth the investment. Therefore, I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a robust and versatile power solution.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can this inverter support multiple units?

Answer: Yes, this inverter supports up to 6 units in parallel, allowing for increased power capacity.

Question: Can it work without battery power input?

Answer: Yes, this inverter can work without battery power input, making it suitable for continuous load running in the battery-free state using PV DC.

Question: Are there different charging modes available?

Answer: Yes, this inverter offers multiple charging modes, including solar-only, mains priority, solar priority, and mains & solar hybrid charging, providing flexibility in charging options.


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