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The Portable Washer from KRIB BLING

The Portable Washer from KRIB BLING in Small Spaces

The Portable Washer from KRIB BLING offers a convenient solution for small loads of laundry in compact living spaces. With its automatic features and diverse settings, this washer aims to simplify the laundry process.

I recently purchased the Portable Washer and was pleasantly surprised by its ease of use. Setting it up was straightforward, and I appreciated the variety of washing programs available. The compact size fits perfectly in my apartment, and the noise level was minimal during operation. The convenience of being able to do laundry at home without the hassle of going to a laundromat has been a game-changer for me.

Full Automatic Washing

The KRIB BLING portable washer offers a full automatic washing experience, allowing users to select the desired washing and spinning program along with water levels, and then let the machine work independently. This feature saves time and provides convenience by eliminating the need for constant monitoring during the laundry cycle. The compact design and multi-functional control panel make it easy to operate, with 10 washing programs, 4 water level modes, and 8 water level selections to choose from.

Space-Saving Design

Ideal for small living spaces, the KRIB BLING portable washer is designed to be portable and space-saving. With a capacity to hold up to 17.7 lbs of clothes, it is suitable for families of 3-4 members. The compact size makes it a perfect choice for households with limited space, such as RVs, camping sites, dorms, and apartments. The washer is easy to store and does not require extensive assembly, making it hassle-free to set up and operate.

Drain Pump Functionality

Equipped with a drain pump, the KRIB BLING portable washer offers convenient drainage from different angles. The powerful motor ensures efficient drainage operations, allowing users to easily remove water after each wash cycle. The automatic imbalance adjustment system prevents violent shaking and vibrating during washing or spinning, ensuring safety, reducing noise, and enhancing the overall washing experience.

Easy Installation and Setup

The KRIB BLING portable washer is designed for easy installation and setup. Users can quickly connect the washer to the water source using the included connectors and adapters. The instructional videos provide step-by-step guidance on how to hook up the machine to the faucet, ensuring a seamless setup process. The compact and lightweight design of the washer makes it convenient to move and position in different locations as needed.

User-Friendly Controls

The control panel of the KRIB BLING portable washer features an LED display that shows the laundry time and various settings. With a child lock function, the washer ensures the safety of the user and their family during operation. The intuitive interface allows users to select different washing programs and water levels with ease, making the laundry process efficient and convenient.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The KRIB BLING portable washer comes with various connectors and adapters to ensure compatibility with different types of faucets and sinks. Users can easily attach the washer to the water source using the provided accessories, enabling a seamless laundry experience. The compact and versatile design of the washer makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from camping trips to everyday laundry needs.

Efficient Washing Performance

The KRIB BLING portable washer offers efficient washing performance with minimal noise and vibration. The machine is designed to handle different types of clothes and fabric materials, providing a thorough and gentle wash cycle. The large capacity of the washer allows users to wash multiple loads of laundry in one go, saving time and energy. The automatic water level adjustment feature ensures optimal water usage for each wash cycle.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Customers who have purchased the KRIB BLING portable washer have expressed satisfaction with its performance and features. Positive reviews highlight the ease of setup, compact design, and efficient washing capabilities of the machine. Users appreciate the convenience of having a portable washer that saves space and time, making laundry tasks more manageable. While some users have encountered issues with compatibility or leakage, overall feedback indicates a positive experience with the product.


In conclusion, the Portable Washer from KRIB BLING has been a reliable addition to my household. Its efficient functionality, quiet operation, and space-saving design make it a valuable asset for anyone looking to simplify their laundry routine. I highly recommend this product for its performance and convenience.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How easy is it to set up this portable washer?

Answer: According to reviews, the setup process is straightforward and can be completed in a short amount of time.

Question: What is the capacity of this portable washer?

Answer: The inner tub has a capacity of 17.7 lbs, making it suitable for a family of 3-4 members.

Question: Are there any noise or vibration issues with this washer?

Answer: Users have reported minimal noise and vibration, making it a convenient option for household use.


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